Treasure the skill of your photographer

 What is impossible to recreate, can instantly make you laugh, will be treasured by future generations and has the ability to take you back in time?

A photograph.  A click of a camera shutter.  Anyone can do it, can't they?  Especially in this age of easy access to smart phones and digital cameras.

Your wedding day, however, is a time when only the best is good enough.  But how can you choose a wedding photographer - someone you like, who will capture all the blink-and-you'll-miss-them moments?

Choose your wedding photographer carefully and book early! 

While it's perfectly natural to concentrate your efforts on planning the perfect wedding day,  it's also worth thinking about the many years that follow, when you'll want to enjoy your memories of the day.  You'll have a few souvenirs, the lucky horseshoes and the wedding gown, of course, but the best reminders will be your photographs.

You're sure to appreciate a great set of photos, captured by an observant photographer who notices and records both the main events and the unexpected moments that will make your wedding unique.

As well as finding a photographer who shoots in a style that you like, it's really important to choose someone who you're comfortable to have working at quite close quarters with you for most of the day.